History of the discipline

thuy-squareThuy Bowyer is the creator of Medical Restorative Massage Therapy® (MRMT®) which is an allied health care discipline focused on reducing pain and restoring physical function. MRMT uses hands-on therapeutic techniques applied within a personalized plan of care to help patients living with pain or diminished physical function regain their quality of life. The plan of care used by all MRMT therapists is unique in that it involves assessment of the patient at each visit, personalized hands-on treatment, practical and individualized self-care education, and collaboration with the patient’s health care team. As a patient-centered treatment modality, all therapists that practice MRMT strive to “serve patients in the way that they need to be served”, taking into consideration their unique needs and goals. Ms. Bowyer began practicing MRMT in 1996 in order to help her mother regain her quality of life. At the time, she had no idea that helping her mother would lead to the creation of a new, allied health care discipline. Since she began practicing MRMT and established the M.T. Wellness Clinic in 1997, the discipline has grown to help thousands of patients that did not get the help that they needed from other treatment options.