Why a career in Medical Restorative Massage Therapy?

Medical Restorative Massage Therapy® (MRMT®) is a new, growing, allied health care profession that offers professionally, personally, and financially rewarding careers for licensed massage therapists focused on patient care.

Certified Medical Restorative Massage Therapists (CMRMTs) become part of each patient’s health care team, working in collaboration to ensure that the patient is getting the most comprehensive care possible.

The personal rewards are tremendous as therapists are able to see their patients regain quality of life through reduced pain and restored physical function.

CMRMTs enjoy job security, and their roles continue to be in high demand as a growing number of individuals are beginning to seek alternative, long-term, cost-effective options to reduce pain and to restore physical function.

To become a CMRMT, an individual must hold a current license as a massage therapist in the state of Ohio and successfully complete a rigorous training program in MRMT. For more information regarding the MRMT training program, please contact The Medical Restorative Massage Therapy Institute.