Gretchen K.

I had almost given up but Thuy shed light at first and then when she assessed me sitting down a whole new brighter light hit me. I have felt so much better! I can sit and drive with comfort again. – Gretchen K.

Valerie G.

Not only individualized care but raises my awareness of my own physical restoration and how to take care of myself… Far more than alleviating immediate pain is my deep down physical well being improvement…I am better off today (and for tomorrow) than I was before struggling with rotator cuff, tennis elbow and carpal tunnel problems…. Every session is a seminar!! – Valerie G.

Gretchen C.

Thank you so much for all of your help. I would not be working and feeling good without your expert hands. You have given me back my life. I am so glad you had the vision to create M.T. Wellness. Many many thanks! – Gretchen C.