Roman E.

I want to thank you for your successful efforts to repair my severe shoulder problems. I arrived with severe pain and very limited movement in my shoulder. After seven sessions I am departing with full mobility and no pain in that same shoulder. Amazing results. Thank you. – Roman E.

Rex T.

Through Thuy’s thorough and diligent work, I have undergone dramatic improvement. I was not able to lift my arm up over my head. Now I can stretch my arm all the way out because the muscles in my shoulder are more flexible. It hasn’t been easy for me, but Thuy is patient and consistent in her work. She has the knowledge and abilities to help me make continued progress in my recovery. – Rex T.

Karen B.

Love is what I have for M.T Wellness! The physical massages have given me a new lease on life. Ovarian cancer was discovered by my massage therapist and she convinced me to get a doctor, which I did. Four years later I’m cancer free and I owe my life to M.T Wellness.
Vim and Vigor have been put back into my life. Energy has been restored and I feel blessed to have found the right place to help me through two surgeries and my Fibromyalgia. – Karen B.

Donna V.

A little over a year ago, I began to pray fervently for help in managing my on-going pain. I expected help to come in the form of a doctor or drug but, as usual, God had a better idea! He sent me to you, not for a quick fix but a life long habit of caring for my muscles & joints. You have done so much to improve the quality of my life and I am so grateful for your abilities & sharing them with me. – Donna V.

Linda S.

The effects of treatment are starting to last longer… MT has helped decrease my pain and improved my ability to move, work and motion in daily activities… My LMT has taught me specific things I can do in terms of self-care to maintain/extends the improvements brought about by MT. – Linda S.

Timothy M.

I have recently undergone major surgery (back) and MRMT has been a critical part of my recovery, reducing pain and reducing the need for medicine… MT Wellness has reduced my pain, increased my mobility, and generally improved the quality of my life. – Timothy M.

Allison F.

Thuy and the others have always listened to me and have worked on the areas I was having problems with… Everyone at MT Wellness has always done whatever they can to help me… I’ve always had a pleasant experience! – Allison F.