Frequently asked questions

What is MRMT?
Medical Restorative Massage Therapy® (MRMT®).  is an allied health care discipline that uses hands-on therapeutic techniques applied within a personalized plan of care to help patients living with pain or diminished physical function regain their quality of life. MRMT is a non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive manual treatment option, and it has successfully helped thousands of patients that did not get the help that they needed from other treatment options.

What do you mean by diminished physical function?
Diminished physical function refers to lost or reduced abilities to perform routine activities that patients once took for granted, such as bending over, reaching above your head, rotating your torso or walking.

What type of conditions or dysfunctions can benefit from MRMT?
Anyone experiencing pain or living with diminished physical function can benefit from MRMT. Our therapists are able to help patients experiencing acute pain from sports-related injuries or motor vehicle accidents as well as chronic pain and dysfunction associated with fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and other debilitating diseases.

How is MRMT different from traditional massage?
We believe that no single therapeutic modality effectively treats all of the diverse pain and injury conditions seen by our therapists at the Clinic. Each of our therapists creates a customized treatment plan, then chooses and adapts treatment techniques to address the unique situation of each individual patient.

We recognize that the best treatment plan for a condition is not based solely on highly specialized techniques, but particularly on the effective clinical reasoning in choosing the right technique(s) for that patient’s particular medical condition, personality, and needs.

We utilize a variety of techniques to address patients’ pain complaints. We match the pathophysiology of the medical condition with the physiological effects of the treatment approach relying on the medical model adapted from the specialty of physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R).

MRMT is customized and personalized to fit the needs of each individual patient. We are a patient-centered discipline, focusing on reducing pain, restoring physical function, and patient education, emphasizing self-care and awareness.

Each patient is an active participant in the MRMT plan of care. This is due to the interactive treatment approach utilized by our therapists; patients participate in the process rather than just passively receiving treatment.

What is it like?
Each MRMT treatment session begins with a review of the health history followed by a detailed assessment of the patient’s condition. Based on assessment results, the therapist develops a customized plan of care for the patient, consisting of hands-on treatment and patient self-care education. The treatment process is interactive and involves the patient working and communicating with the therapist to achieve the goals of the plan of care.

How long are appointments?
Initial appointments are 90 minutes. Subsequent appointments are 60 minutes. All appointments include
a detailed assessment of the patient’s current condition followed by hands-on treatment.

How often do patients come to receive treatments?
The frequency of appointments varies amongst patients and depends on the severity of the patient’s condition as well as their plan of care. The plan of care usually consists of weekly or bi-weekly appointments until the patient experiences noticeable improvement. Thereafter, treatments are typically scheduled less frequently and the focus shifts to maintaining the patient’s progress.

How should I dress?
Patients should dress in comfortable, loose clothing that allows for movement.

Do you accept insurance?
At the present time, the M.T. Wellness Clinic is not accepting any insurance. All MRMT treatments are self-pay. However, please check with your insurance provider to determine if you have a massage therapy benefit. If so, we will be happy to provide you with the paperwork necessary for reimbursement from your insurance company.

Is a prescription required for treatment?
No, not unless it is required by your insurance provider. However, all treatments provided without a prescription are subject to sales tax in the state of Ohio.

Why pursue a career in MRMT?
MRMT is a new, growing, allied health care profession that offers professionally, personally, and financially rewarding careers for licensed massage therapists focused on patient care. Certified Medical Restorative Massage Therapists (CMRMTs) enjoy job security, and their roles continue to be in high demand as a growing number of individuals are beginning to seek alternative, long-term, cost-effective options to reduce pain and to restore physical function.

Do you offer training for students pursuing their massage therapy license?
At the present time, the M.T. Wellness Clinic is not offering any training programs.

How can I become a CMRMT?
To become a CMRMT, a licensed massage therapist must successfully complete an advanced training program in MRMT provided by The Medical Restorative Massage Therapy Institute.

Currently, The Medical Restorative Massage Therapy Institute is not offering any MRMT training programs. Please check back at a later date for updated information.

What does the training program consist of?
The certification process involves a vigorous, 120+ clock hour training program that includes classroom-based lectures, case studies, hands-on demonstrations by instructors, and active participation by student trainees. Following the successful completion of the training program, students are required to complete a hands-on residency program at a licensed MRMT clinic in order to fulfill the certification requirements.

Why is additional training necessary to become a CMRMT?
The training program offered gives licensed massage therapists the ability and knowledge to treat a variety of issues related to pain and dysfunction. It focuses on the assessment of the patient and the application of existing manual therapy techniques as well as new techniques developed and perfected by Thuy Bowyer, the creator of MRMT.