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Why a Career in MRMT?

Medical Restorative MTherapy is a new, growing health care discipline that offers exceptional career opportunities for health care oriented Licensed Massage Therapists (LMT).

Here are the top five reasons LMTs pursue careers in MRMT:

  1. It Works: Medical Restorative MTherapy helps reduce pain and restore physical function without the side effects or discomfort of other treatment options.  It is so effective that word of mouth referrals from patients and physicians keep M. T. Wellness Clinic therapist schedules fully booked months in advance.
  2. It's Growing: Medical Restorative MTherapy is a rapidly growing health care discipline, and demand for MRMT services far exceeds supply.  Our clinic is always looking for talented and dedicated licensed massage therapists interested in a health care career.
  3. Financial rewards: Certified Medical Restorative MTherapists (CMRMT) at the M. T. Wellness Clinic enjoy competitive, stable salaries, performance bonuses, paid vacations, a retirement savings plan, a monthly Wellness Allowance, free continuing education and training and upward career mobility.
  4. Personal rewards: Certified Medical Restorative MTherapists experience the personal satisfaction of helping people regain their quality of life.  For many therapists, this is the greatest reward of a health care career.
  5. Job security: Health care careers in Medical Restorative MTherapy are recession resistant.  There will always be a demand for pain management and restoration of physical function, and your job will not be outsourced.

To learn more about Medical Restorative MTherapy, the M.T. Wellness Clinic, our therapists and our patients please browse through the remainder of our website or contact us via email at or call 614-273-0810 for more information.
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