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M. T. Wellness Training Center

The M. T. Wellness Training Center prepares aspiring therapists for State of Ohio licensure in massage therapy along with advanced certification in Medical Restorative Massage Therapy®.  Located in Columbus, Ohio, the M. T. Wellness Training Center provides a unique, rigorous and medical focus for students seeking rewarding careers in Medical Restorative Massage Therapy and patient care. Our excellent faculty, clinical facilities, and structured curriculum have helped us achieve 100% pass rate on the State Medical Board exam for massage therapists.


The MRMT Program is the first primary massage therapy training program in the country to focus on pain reduction and restoration of physical function through massage therapy applied within the structure of a medical model. 


For more information, please explore the rest of our website.  Feel free to contact us with any inquiries you may have.


Thank you for your interest in the M. T. Wellness Training Center and Medical Restorative Massage Therapy®.

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