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We’re growing!

For years, it has been Thuy Bowers’ dream to make Medical Restorative Massage Therapy available to more patients.  The time has finally arrived when Thuy can stop turning away new patients. Through Thuy’s hard work and dedication, she is finally ready to grow M. T. Wellness Clinic!  As you may already know, the Medical Restorative Massage Therapy Institute is currently training the next generation of Certified Medical Restorative Massage Therapists (CMRMTs). These trainees are already Licensed Massage Therapists, but have chosen to further their education and advance to become CMRMTs. Once they graduate the extensive training program Thuy has created, they will be ready to treat patients right here at the M.T. Wellness Clinic.


We need your help!

How many times have you told your friends and family members about how Thuy’s treatments have helped you? You probably know several people who have also expressed interest in the benefits of Medical Restorative Massage Therapy, but until now you were one of the lucky few Thuy could treat. However, by October 2016, we will have 4 trained CMRMTs joining M.T. Wellness Clinic and we need patients to fill their schedules.  We certainly hope that Thuy has helped you and now you can help her!  As the clinic grows we are going from having to turn away patients to being able to treat a larger volume of patients. We need your help in reaching out to potential new patients for M. T. Wellness Clinic.  With your help, Thuy’s vision will become a reality!

We will begin accepting new patients as early as October 2016. If you know a potential patient who would benefit from Medical Restorative Massage Therapy, please print our Referral Form and let us know who to reach out to. You can bring it with you to your next appointment, email it to or mail it to us at:

M.T. Wellness Clinic

1151 Bethel Rd., Suite 302

Columbus, OH 43220-2775



As always, thank you for your support!