The Medical Restorative Massage Therapy Institute

The Medical Restorative Massage Therapy Institute® is the exclusive provider of training and certification for therapists pursuing a career in Medical Restorative Massage Therapy® (MRMT®), as well as their licensed employers. The Institute offers a comprehensive program of classroom and hands-on training that leads to certification as a Certified Medical Restorative Massage Therapist® (CMRMT®).


The certification process involves a vigorous, 120+ clock hour training program that includes classroom-based lectures, case studies, hands-on demonstrations by instructors, and active participation by student trainees. Following the successful completion of the classroom curriculum, students are required to complete a hands-on residency program at a licensed MRMT clinic in order to fulfill the certification requirements.


For more information regarding upcoming training programs or information on how to apply, please contact us at:

The Medical Restorative Massage Therapy Institute

1151 Bethel Rd., Suite 303

Columbus, OH 43220


Phone: (614) 273-1445